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wireless networking  

We can custom equip your home or small office with a wireless network, allowing you to use the same internet connection for multiple computers, share files amongst computers, and access the internet from anywhere within the network range... often times for less than a traditional wired network!

We use only the best technologies in your network including Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, 3Com, D-Link, and Microsoft.

What is Wireless Networking?
Wireless Networks work like wireless (Cordless) telephones.
Your cordless telephone uses a radio frequency to connect wirelessly to a base unit (charging station) which is plugged into the telephone line. This allows you the freedom to make and receive calls from anywhere in or around your home.

With a wireless computer network, your laptop or desktop computer uses a radio frequency to connect wirelessly to a base unit that can be plugged into the internet by a Cable or DSL connection. Like you do with the cordless phone, freely roam anywhere in or around your home or office with a laptop computer. Wherever you go, you will still have access to the internet and to your other computers. Larger computers can also be moved anywhere in or around your home or office without the hassle of dragging long cables or the expense of installing new outlets in the walls.

Wireless computer networking, as opposed to the traditional wire-based (LAN) networking, has many advantages at a fraction of the cost:
  o Portability
  o No cable restrictions
  o Fewer devices
  o Faster installation
  o No messy wall repairs
  o DSL / Cable Compatibility

Wireless networking solutions can often save you 50% or more compared to the cost of traditional wire-based networking solutions. Contact us to schedule your FREE estimate and let us simplify your computer networking needs.

Is This Option For You
Do you have more than one computer in your home or office?
Would you like to be able to share files among them?
Do you have a DSL or Cable internet connection for at least one of your computers?
Would you like to be able to share that internet connection with all of your computers?

There are two options that will provide you the capability to do the things listed above. They are :

1) A wire-based (LAN) computer network.
2) A wireless (WiFi) computer network.

Of the two options, a wireless network is the best. Simply put, it gives you more value for less money.

To request a free consultation contact us now!