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  project: Mr Preview
Mr Preview is an ongoing design and maintenance project. Steve came to me looking for a head designer to create this large scale projects design, UI, and presentation layer coding.

Currently BP Design has myself and 2 other consultants developing all design, UI, and backend JSP/server programming.

BP Design is setting up the server with SQL, Linux and Tomcat solutions as well as securing integration with several content delivery companies via JSP.

Client testimonial:
"We didn't know what we would get when we contacted Bill to design our site. What we got was great design delivered with a sense of humor. Bill made every pixel count and was able to deliver the goods with speed and agility; no personality hang-ups, no fuss, no muss! Whatever we wanted, we got, and more! What we didn't count on was the personal interest he took in the project to push it to the next level. Never resting on his laurels (or ours), Bill could be counted on to make sure our UI was flawless from page one to exit.
Thanks Bill!"
-Steve Soffer, Owner
Mr Preview