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Bill Palmatary Design is the web presence of my designs, be it web or print work. I work out of Burbank, California. Through affiliations with web professionals I provide complete solutions for people looking to create or expand their web sites.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

   Some of my design/web experience includes:

  • Digital Image correction, manipulation.
  • HTM, JSP, ASP, & JavaScript.
  • Total Web Design from inception to launch.
  • Personal Sites, & small business web presence.
  • E-commerce design for large companies with both static and highly configurable products on both intranets and customer facing sites.
  • Working closely with client Business Departments to assess & achieve directives and create solutions.
  • Information Architecture.
  • Site User Interface (UI) and navigation through site flow charts (information architecture), and prototypes.
  • Overseeing user testing groups, questioning, reporting & subsequent dvelopment of solutions for obstacles.
  • Web Image Optimization & browser compatibilities.
  • Working in a team environment on multiple web projects.
  • Interfacing with development team to solve dynamic page & back-end soft/hardware issues that effect design elements.
  • Developing support administration pages for main site.
   Main Tools:
  • Adobe PhotoShop, ImageReady
  • Macromedia DreamWeaver
    (Nominated as a "DreamWeaver Evangelist" for Help NewsGroup Support.)
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • TopStyle
  • HomeSite